> > I know that I can access to event->any.origin to distingish between
> > keyboard and joystick events, but how can I know which value is the keyboard
> > one and which is the joystick one? In a few proofs that I've made the
> > keyboard events had the 0100 value and the joystick the 0200, but I don't
> > know if it is always this way.

No, this is not guaranteed. You need to query the device capabilities, if
you want to distinguish them. You could as well distinguish by the keys that
get sent, but that's not "the nice way".
Wouter already answered, how the nicer way works.

If GGL can stand a bit of redesign in the input subsystem, I'd however
suggest that you have a look at LibGIC. It enforces descent-style
configurability for all game controls with little effort on the programmer
side, which might be a nice thing to have ... :-).

CU, Andy

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