I read the Jon's letter about LibGGI3D, downloaded the 2000-01-21
snapshot and tried to compile the LibGGI3d stuff.
I ran autogen.sh and tried to 'make' the thing, but gcc complains about
a missing file called matrix.h . Could I rewrite it? (Well... I am not a
marvelous developer, but if this file is only for basic matrix
transformation I think I can write it).
Finally, I wish to use the full power of my old Mystique card under
Linux, but the GLX is very slow, so I would like to write a LibGGI3D
module for HW acceleration. I got the specs from Matrox, but I have two
1) I'm trying to understand what this PDF is talking about!!! What
damned sort of cryptographic tech speech is that?! :-(
2) Is there a sort of skeleton module which I can use as a basis?

Sorry for the bad english,

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