> Hey, is there any way to catch console-switching?
> Mah evil program does run in the background... but I get all this funky
> graphics overwriting whatever console I'm on. 

Normally, this is done for you. However when you run a LibGGI application in
the background, it cannot attach to the console correctly (linux-input will
not work due to permission problems and the stdio method will be used
as fallback - you should see the cursor still blinking on fbcon on such 
consoles). AFAIK the only way to solve this, is running the application as

My infamous "xggi" script is the result of that situation: I start the
windowmanager _first_ with a delay before it in the background and then 
exec the xggi program to avoid this situation. The windowmanager will 
come up after the delay is through and connect to the X server that 
is running in the foreground.

CU, Andy

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