On 26 Jan 2000, Marcus Sundberg wrote:

> teunis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Hey, is there any way to catch console-switching?
> See the end of ggi/types.h, and ask if there's something unclear
> about it.
> > Mah evil program does run in the background...
> However this should not happen. Applications running on fbdev and
> svga targets are halted on switch-away unless they have requested

How do you do this?  I'd really much rather handle this myself.  There's
no real reason to halt the program - only to halt the renderer.  The
program itself uses locking queues so when it runs out of space it'll wait
for the renderer to wake up.  Or just toss the frames it can't draw.
(preferably: the latter :)  Easy enough to do.

> Is this by any chance a threaded application?
> Then I suppose that it might be that only one thread is halted...

It's a very threaded application.  And halting it would be... unhealthy.
To the program anyways.  It won't quit if the main thread halts.  At least
not until you return to it - and if the condition state is not saved it
may -never- quit.

Right.  Must fix.  Must fix now.
Thanks! :)
G'day, eh? :)
        - Teunis

PS: This does work on all appropriate targets, right?  (eg: fbdev)

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