For various reasons I never made it to GHM this year, but I hear that it was
a very successful event.    Here is my suggestion for 2107:

In Europe there are various "Gruppenunterkunft" hostels - places which have
basic accommodation plus a seminar room for smallish conferences.  Why don't
we hire such a place for the week-end?  In 2016 attendees paid EUR 50 per day
to attend GHM.  On top of that, most would have had to pay for accommodation.
If we get a good deal with the venue proprietor we can have people attend for
EUR 50 per day *including* accommodation.

I can see a number of other advantages to this plan too:

*  With accommodation and meeting in the same place, people will not be
   at the mercy of weather and public transport, when getting to and from.

*  We can have informal sessions late into the night.

*  Having everyone staying together, it'll be a better social experience.

Perhaps somebody has already started with other plans.  But  if not - then
what do you think?


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