Last I heard, we were looking into the Linux Hotel in Düsseldorf for the next GHM. But I'm not sure what happened about it.

I completely agree that having such a deal where we can mix accommodation and conference expenses would be a great benefit for everybody. Although as Christian pointed out at one of the discussions during GHM 2016, it might make the event out of bounds for a few people. Not everyone paid the €50 per day but instead only paid for the cost of accommodation which can be far cheaper. It would be one item to consider.

If you do have any ideas for locations of such hostels, please do share.

* John Darrington <> [160921 14:45]:
For various reasons I never made it to GHM this year, but I hear that it was
a very successful event.    Here is my suggestion for 2107:

In Europe there are various "Gruppenunterkunft" hostels - places which have
basic accommodation plus a seminar room for smallish conferences.  Why don't
we hire such a place for the week-end?  In 2016 attendees paid EUR 50 per day
to attend GHM.  On top of that, most would have had to pay for accommodation.
If we get a good deal with the venue proprietor we can have people attend for
EUR 50 per day *including* accommodation.

I can see a number of other advantages to this plan too:

*  With accommodation and meeting in the same place, people will not be
  at the mercy of weather and public transport, when getting to and from.

*  We can have informal sessions late into the night.

*  Having everyone staying together, it'll be a better social experience.

Perhaps somebody has already started with other plans.  But  if not - then
what do you think?


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