On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 05:38:44PM +0200, Darshit Shah wrote:
     Last I heard, we were looking into the Linux Hotel in D??sseldorf for the
     next GHM. But I'm not sure what happened about it.

That was considered some years ago.  But for PR reasons we  should not hold GNU 
events at the "Linux" hotel.
     I completely agree that having such a deal where we can mix accommodation
     and conference expenses would be a great benefit for everybody. Although
     as Christian pointed out at one of the discussions during GHM 2016, it
     might make the event out of bounds for a few people.  Not everyone paid
     the ???50 per day but instead only paid for the cost of accommodation
     which can be far cheaper. It would be one item to consider.

In previous years the FSF has made available a small fund for subsidising people
who would otherwise be unable to attend, and so far as I know this fund is still
available.  Also, I think that most people would not object to paying (say) 5EUR
over and above the cost of the venue in order to support such people.
     If you do have any ideas for locations of such hostels, please do share.

There are plenty such places advertised in the internet.  For example have a 
at http://gruppenunterkuenfte.de  We just have to decide on something suitable.

The biggest issue, as I see it - is finding someone willing to organise it.
I can help, as I did in 2014 - but others would need to do their bit too :)


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