John Darrington <> writes:

> Currently, so far as I'm aware, nobody is organising the programme, or other
> tasks such as the audio/video recording of talks.  As I made clear last year,
> my role in organising GHM 2017 will be limited to providing the venue
> and accommodation - in other words you'll be coming to watch an empty seminar
> room!  So if somebody would like to take responsibility for putting out a
> call for papers, and organising the programme that would be great.  
> Alternatively,
> if somebody has already started doing this, then please give a heads up.

I wish I could help with the organisation, but I’m swamped with work at
least until summer, so I cannot volunteer with good conscience.

Would anyone else be willing to take charge of a call for papers and
to evaluate and arrange talks?


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