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> Ricardo Wurmus writes:
>> John Darrington <j...@darrington.wattle.id.au> writes:
>>> Currently, so far as I'm aware, nobody is organising the programme, or other
>>> tasks such as the audio/video recording of talks.  As I made clear last 
>>> year,
>>> my role in organising GHM 2017 will be limited to providing the venue
>>> and accommodation - in other words you'll be coming to watch an empty 
>>> seminar
>>> room!  So if somebody would like to take responsibility for putting out a
>>> call for papers, and organising the programme that would be great.  
>>> Alternatively,
>>> if somebody has already started doing this, then please give a heads up.
>> I wish I could help with the organisation, but I’m swamped with work at
>> least until summer, so I cannot volunteer with good conscience.
>> Would anyone else be willing to take charge of a call for papers and
>> to evaluate and arrange talks?
> Sorry — I must have missed you're original email in this thread John!
> I would like to put myself forward for organising the call for papers
> and program.  My intention would be to start putting resources together
> now, and to really put energy into this after FOSDEM is over.  I would
> aim to get a first call for papers out no later than 2 weeks after
> Would people be happy for me to do this?

Definitely.  :-)

(Strictly speaking I guess it’d be a “call for presentations”.)

Thank you!


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