On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 05:00:49PM -0500, Zachary Beane wrote:
>   now. Rather than the current system of "measure this item onscreen
>   and enter the figure from your ruler" to calculate DPI, I think it
>   would be more userfriendly to have the shape of some common object
>   that you could stretch to fit. For example, you could select A4
>   paper, place the top of a sheet against the monitor, and stretch or
>   shrink the virtual outline until it fits the physical outline. That
>   would give a pretty decent measurement, I think

IMHO (I have thought about this before) the perfect object is a CD
There is nowhere in the world which does not have CDs, they are always
the same size to within mm and they are perfectly round, so they can
easily be used to check that your circles are circular _if_ that is
what you want (cheap screens will distort things too badly for this to
be worth attempting).

I'm too busy to do anything about it though, so if a piece of A4 paper
floats your goat, go for it! It's about time the Americans finally
caught up to the 20th century and went metric anyway...


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