On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 11:34:24PM +0100, Nick Lamb wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 05:00:49PM -0500, Zachary Beane wrote:
> >   now. Rather than the current system of "measure this item onscreen
> >   and enter the figure from your ruler" to calculate DPI, I think it
> >   would be more userfriendly to have the shape of some common object
> >   that you could stretch to fit. For example, you could select A4
> >   paper, place the top of a sheet against the monitor, and stretch or
> >   shrink the virtual outline until it fits the physical outline. That
> >   would give a pretty decent measurement, I think
> IMHO (I have thought about this before) the perfect object is a CD
> There is nowhere in the world which does not have CDs, they are always
> the same size to within mm and they are perfectly round, so they can
> easily be used to check that your circles are circular _if_ that is
> what you want (cheap screens will distort things too badly for this to
> be worth attempting).

I'm concerned about a CD because I have an anti-glare coating that
almost certainly would be marred by pressing a CD against it. It is
one of the few universal standards we could come up with on our #gimp
brainstorm though (double-a batteries being another :).
> I'm too busy to do anything about it though, so if a piece of A4 paper
> floats your goat, go for it! It's about time the Americans finally
> caught up to the 20th century and went metric anyway...

Well, A4 was hypothetical. Perhaps it could have a number of standard
objects (A4 paper, US Letter paper, CD) that you could choose from to
do your sizing.

Are credit cards of a standard size?

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