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[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-03-27 at 1740.35 -0500):
> one of the few universal standards we could come up with on our #gimp
> brainstorm though (double-a batteries being another :).

Following the talk, I discovered a link, which seems to explain PPI,
DPI and LPI as I read in a manual (one I am unable to find now). It is
http://www.techcolor.com/help/resolution.html . I also found some
others docs, of course, and some mix ideas, others match 100%.
> Well, A4 was hypothetical. Perhaps it could have a number of standard
> objects (A4 paper, US Letter paper, CD) that you could choose from to
> do your sizing. 
> Are credit cards of a standard size?

They are plastic, so I guess they will scratch too. But better have a
big list of items than a small one. I think some standard paper sizes
(A4, A5, US letter, what do other Earth places use?) & CDs, at least
to start.

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