2011/8/1 Enrico Schröder <enni.schroe...@gmail.com>:
> Hey Martin,
> just a small status update: starting on documentation and fixing your review 
> comments now. (Have been busy with moving to my new apartment last week).
> By going through your review comments I noticed that your diff file 
> incorporates some old code (e.g. all that gimp_prop_coordinates_*2 stuff) 
> which I already removed. Have you used an old revision?
> BTW: Of course I will continue working on GimpUnitEntries and maybe other 
> parts of Gimp after GSOC, but since there is roughly a month left of official 
> project time, what do you think needs to be done for my project to be rated 
> "successful"? Anything major except documentation and fixing your review 
> comments? How about porting (which is ~75% done I guess), does that need to 
> be complete until end of august?
> Best regards,
> Enrico


(Keeping gimp-developer on CC)

I had trouble finding time to do the review, so the snapshot I was
reviewing is quite old by now, but hopefully most comments still

It would be great you could keep contributing also after GSoC.

Regarding being rated "successful", just do your best addressing the
review comments. Your project basically already is successful :)
Porting all GIMP to use the new widget is not as important as having
the GimpUnitEntry widget itself fully completed, tested and
documented, so focus on the latter.



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