Hago Ziegler writes:
 > Now he told me that he can't find sources or specifications, so he can't do
 > it.

Huh? The GIMP sources are easy to find. The only documentation for the
xcf format *is* the source code in xcf.c and other files.

 > It's a pity. What's going wrong, that it ends up like this?
 > Wouldn't it be good for Gimp, if there would be an external viewer
 > to watch the files?

Yes and no. He told me that he wouldn't be making the viewer able to
parse xcf files completely, anyway, as that would be too complex. Only
the bottom layer would probably be shown. (This is how IrfanView works
for psd (Photoshop) files, too, I think.) And as the only reasonable
reason to use xcf format in the first place is when you are working on
some multi-layer or otherwise complex image in the GIMP and want to
save it between editing sessions, wouldn't it be counter-productive if
IrfanView would show only the bottom layer?

Xcf is not intended to be an image distribution format, or an image
interchange format between applications. I don's see why anybody would
distribute xcf images except if they are 100% sure that the
recipient(s) are going to work on them with the (same version of)


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