* Tor Lillqvist ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000528 16:43]:
> Hago Ziegler writes:
>  > Now he told me that he can't find sources or specifications, so he can't do
>  > it.
> Huh? The GIMP sources are easy to find. The only documentation for the
> xcf format *is* the source code in xcf.c and other files.

Actually, there is a document describing the format in the docs/
directory of the source tree.  It might not be perfectly up to date, but
I suspect its fairly close.

> reason to use xcf format in the first place is when you are working on
> some multi-layer or otherwise complex image in the GIMP and want to
> save it between editing sessions, wouldn't it be counter-productive if
> IrfanView would show only the bottom layer?

No, you store all niftiness such as paths, etc.  Though if you can't
view the layers, its not as cool/useful.  From a work standpoint, it
only makes sense though - you'd have to implement every
layer/mask/channel/etc mode and behavior to properly see files.

> Xcf is not intended to be an image distribution format, or an image
> interchange format between applications. I don's see why anybody would
> distribute xcf images except if they are 100% sure that the
> recipient(s) are going to work on them with the (same version of)

I'll agree with this.  But it'd be nice to be able to let image
cataloging programs at least get a reasonable thumbnail; something to
discuss for future xcf formats I suppose...

Seth Burgess

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