>  > Wouldn't it be good for Gimp, if there would be an external viewer
>  > to watch the files?
> Yes and no. He told me that he wouldn't be making the viewer able to
> parse xcf files completely, anyway, as that would be too complex. Only
> the bottom layer would probably be shown. (This is how IrfanView works
> for psd (Photoshop) files, too, I think.)

I think, that's a misunderstanding. It seemd very strange to me, that such a
complex viewer shows only the bottom layer of an image file, so I tried
IrfanView with layerd Photoshop-files:
it shows the layers flattened on a white background, that means, the
transparency  of the bottom-layer doesn't work with pds-files, but beside
this, everything is visible, not just the bottom-layer.
The layers aren't available in the viewer, but that's not, what a viewer is
asked for.

> And as the only reasonable
> reason to use xcf format in the first place is when you are working on
> some multi-layer or otherwise complex image in the GIMP and want to
> save it between editing sessions, wouldn't it be counter-productive if
> IrfanView would show only the bottom layer?

Yes, but like I said before: I think that's a misunderstanding. Somehow it
would be a little bit ridiculous to show only the bottom layer.

> Xcf is not intended to be an image distribution format, or an image
> interchange format between applications. I don's see why anybody would
> distribute xcf images except if they are 100% sure that the
> recipient(s) are going to work on them with the (same version of)

If I'm working on a grafical project, after a while I have often 20 or 30
quite similar xcf-files - every one an other version of the same thing. If I
now try to find any detail that I did before, I have to open all the files
with gimp. Thumbnails don't help here.
A quick viewer would be very nice.


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