On Thu, Jan 25, 2001 at 10:10:40PM -0800, lasm wrote:
> Hi All,
>    I have been using the bumpmap plugin quite a lot lately.
> It produces some very good embossy effects and I am very happy with the
> results, thanks to the effort of the programmer.
>     I was trying to look for an engraved effect, the opposite
> of emboss, i.e. to make the thing look caved in, instead of
> popped out. While I couldn't find any plugin that does this,
> I thought of an idea, if the bumpmap can be changed to accept
> negative depth, in addition to positive integers, would it then
> achieve the "engraved" effect ?

I think the "reverse" option is what you are looking for.  Also play around
with azmuth.

- Tal

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