Thanks for your explanation. I am not familiar with the
algorithm.. but just curious, would there be any difference
if the Depth takes in negative integer (currently only positive
accepted) ? Can you comment on this ?

  If the bumpmap can be improved, many other scripts/plugins
which calls this will benefit from it..



--- Federico Mena Quintero <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The Bumpmap plug-in works by taking the intensity values to be height
> values and computing the surface normal at each point.  Then it does
> simple Gouraud-like shading on the destination image.  Inverting the
> bumpmap source is exactly the same as using the "invert" button on
> the
> plug-in's dialog box; the intensity values are inverted and the
> surface normals will point in the opposite direction.
> I.e. it is essentially a cheap embossing effect.
> Photoshop's Lighting Effects produces much better results because it
> actually does Phong shading of the image, and it general it has
> better
> lighting models that you can choose.  You can do this in the GIMP
> with
> Tom Bech's plug-in of the same name.
>   Federico

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