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> Anyways, all that is far off.  I was wondering you could just have nested
> layers in this next version of Gimp.  It doesn't even have to have all the
> strange but, cool stuff that tigert was talking about but, even just being
> able to organize your layers and having the ability to group them
> hierachially and turn a group's visiblity on and off, and being able to
> move a layer from one group to the next, etc.

I have very strong doubts that allowing layer trees in Gimp-1.4 would 
mean you'd get layer trees earlier than if you'd wait for Gimp-2.0. In
fact I believe it would only mean that you wouldn't see a stable Gimp-1.4
before 2003.

The problem implementing all this in the current code tree is that the 
current code is a mess. The layers dialog is especially messy. So what
we will do is clean up that mess first, then port to GTK+-2.0, then 
release 1.4, then take all the nice new code, add GEGL and PUPUS and 
release Gimp-2.0 shortly after.

> On a side note, is there any work being done on the layers dialog?

Yes, all dialogs and everything else is under heavy development. 

Salut, Sven

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