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> Maybe I wasn't clear.  I didn't mean layering should change in any way than
> it does now (except maybe adding Photoshop style color dodge ;) but, just
> the representation of it should.  The way the layers stack isn't the change
> that I was thinking about but rather, the way they are represented in the
> dialog.

Your ideas are worth considering after the preview stuff has been 
generalized and we start to rewrite the layers dialog (which is 
something we definitely want to do for gimp-1.4).

> For Gimp 2.0, how much of it will be Bonoboized?

We have not yet decided if we want to bonoboize something at all, but 
mostly due to the fact that noone I talked to so far could explain what 
this would mean in particular.

Salut, Sven

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