On 07/10/2015 18:03, Olivier wrote:
I downloaded GEGL and BABL from the links on page http://www.gimp.org/,
i.e. http://gegl.org/ and http://gegl.org/babl/. I compiled and installed
them using the normal procedure (sudo ./configure && make && make install).

Thus GEGL and BABL are not built from git, and they are installed in the
system directories, not under a special prefix. Your articles seem to
suggest that I should have chosen the second solution, but
http://www.gimp.org/source/howtos/gimp-git-build.html does not suggest that.

Since GEGL is installed in only one place, i.e. /usr/local/lib/, I don't
understand where GIMP could find it in a wrong place.

I had some surprises when building gimp (with gegl/babl from git too).
First I tried to use babl and gegl provided by Debian testing, but they're not recent enough. Then I uninstalled Debian packages and install the babl/gegl builds from root. I don't remember if it succeeded but anyway, it wasn't ok for Gimp.
Hopefully, this link helped me a lot:

It seems building process needs some "black magic" to make it easier :-)

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