[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-03-29 at 1532.30 -0500):
> > That and other sizes, cos we do not use 4 * 6 (uuum, maybe similar,
> > but not named that way, that is sure).
> Are the "one hour photo" type film developing and processing machines
> available internationally?  


> They have designed these machines so that morons can operate them in the
> local drug store now. I can't imagine Fuji and Kodak making too many
> different sized machines.  But I don't know how available this is
> internationally.

Oooh, well, not in drug stores here. The places I know send films to
the lab, and back in day or two. I dunno if they use the machines
there. I checked the size, 10 * 15 cm, which is similar to 4 * 6,
maybe it is the same.

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