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>"Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero" wrote:
>Are the "one hour photo" type film developing and processing machines
>available internationally?
>They have designed these machines so that morons can operate them in the
>local drug store now. I can't imagine Fuji and Kodak making too many
>different sized machines.  But I don't know how available this is

The comment about sheets of paper varying slightly in size applies to 
prints from photo labs. Prints from the same roll of film can be of 
slightly varying sizes. I think the suggestion of using a CD was the best 
so far if an object is to be used. Barring the odd square CD (yes, I have 
one here), or business card sized CD, their size should be much more 
consistent than other objects. Also, a person using the GIMP probably has 
at least one CD from some piece of software handy.


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