> Regarding the question to include it with core Gimp: As already 
> discussed here several times, the plan is to distribute less 
> plug-ins with the Gimp core package instead of adding new ones.

IMHO, it's a fundamental misunderstanding of the user needs
and MEDIA growth.(Imagine there'll be _only_ DVD distro by 2002 or so).
What's the problem if Gimp comes with some more useful scripts ?
.btw, I don't think a lot of user will give a lot of time to download both
untested & unofficial plug-ins they could find in a rock-solid core appl.....
If Gimp is said so powerful it's just because it comes with 
an interesting panel of _features_ others don't give.

The only thing I'm worrying about in plugin supply is the _physical_
layering in menus.Who cares it's an executable or a Perl script which
does the stuff....All has to be presented in a transparent way...

> The best plan we have come up with so far is to include only very
> few basic plug-ins with the core Gimp and add a number of extra
> plug-in packages that bundle plug-ins for special purposes. A few
> extra-large plug-ins could even be distributed as stand-alone 
> packages. However this has to be discussed further...
That direction requires Gimp to enhance its policy (e.g. don't crush when
a plug-in goes to hell).


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