On Sat, May 19, 2001 at 09:06:12PM +0200, Fabian Fridirick wrote:
> IMHO, it's a fundamental misunderstanding of the user needs
> and MEDIA growth.(Imagine there'll be _only_ DVD distro by 2002 or so).
> What's the problem if Gimp comes with some more useful scripts ?

I think the point is that plug-ins are unnecessary to the GIMp,
and therefore shouldn't be distributed with it as source, or for
that matter in distributions. There is nothing stopping people
who distribute the gimp from (say) having a gimp package and a
gimp-plugins package, and installing both by default. But the
plug-ins probably don't belong in the same CVS module as the

For example, no-one would argue that binutils shouldn't be
distributed with the linux kernel (in a distribution), but
they're not stored in the same place in source. The linux kernel
is all but useless without userland apps (in most environments),
yet the userland apps aren't maintained in the same place.
Similarly, the gnome core and the gnome games aren't stored in
the same module, and are of interest to different developers.

> The only thing I'm worrying about in plugin supply is the _physical_
> layering in menus.Who cares it's an executable or a Perl script which
> does the stuff....All has to be presented in a transparent way...

And the standard APIs that exist for plug-in programming will
continue to exist, and may even get easier.

> Regards,
> Fabian


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