Fabian Frédérick wrote:
>> Sven Neumann wrote:

> > Regarding the question to include it with core Gimp: As already
> > discussed here several times, the plan is to distribute less
> > plug-ins with the Gimp core package instead of adding new ones.
> IMHO, it's a fundamental misunderstanding of the user needs
> and MEDIA growth.(Imagine there'll be _only_ DVD distro by 2002 or so).
> What's the problem if Gimp comes with some more useful scripts ?


PLUGIN_MAINTAINERS was introduced into the distribution
on Tuesday, January 04, 2000; in the five hundred and
two days since that date, of the 162 core plugins cited
in that file, 52 have maintainers. By this metric, only
thirty-two percent of the core plug-ins are supported.

Did someone suggest adding plug-ins to the core

It appears that on this date, there are not sufficient
numbers in the ranks of Gimp contributors to support
the plug-ins that already distribute with the core;
this alone, I think, lends necessary and sufficient
weight to the idea that the number of plug-ins that
fall in the arena of core support ought to be that
minimum to make a functional, but not full-featured
core package.

This still begs the question of how the delta of
plug-ins between the functional and full featured gimp
are to be deployed, (and maintained!). There has not
been a mailing-list discussion on this issue in almost
a year; likely there are many newer readers who are not
even aware of the problem of plug-in support and

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