Hi all,

A while ago I asked a question here about whether there is a known
technology for generating user-edittable 2-D gradients. I was answered by
several people that such a thing exists in the form of Post-Script's
tensor gradients. I was then referred to the Post-Script "Red Book" to
find their description and algorithms.

I then came up with the thought of adding support for them into The GIMP.
So, I went to the engineer of my faculty's Image Processing Laboratory,
and told him about that idea. He said that it's a good one and he'll look
into it and consider allowing me (and possibly a partner) to work on that
and get credintials for it from the Technion. He has not made a final
decision yet, so don't get excited in case support for two-dimensional
gradients in the GIMP is your dream come true.

What I would like to do is make sure there isn't any duplicate effort, and
no-one else will be working on it at least until I know what will become
of this project idea. If the project will take place, it will start
somewhere near October, perhaps before, if my partner and I can work on it
at summertime. Until then, I believe there are more pressing things to do,
like getting the GIMP 1.3.x and GIMP 1.9.x sources stablized enough.

Just wanted to let everybody know.

        Shlomi Fish

BTW: A funny thing is that he did not hear about GIMP before, despite
being the chief engineer of the Image Processing Lab of the EE faculty.
That Laboratory work extensively with Linux, and I would have guessed they
should find the GIMP indispensable. I had to explain him that the GIMP was
open-source so the proposed modification would be possible to implement

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