[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-05-23 at 1055.42 -0500):
> >I know, I know.  Since we're probably going to rewrite the site in
> >something less arcane and more known, now is the ideal time to revamp
> >the look and feel.
> I hate it when sites change things.  (My credit card company changes
> their online customer service system every couple of months and it
> drives me nuts.)  There is nothing at all wrong with the current look
> and feel, and I see no reason at all to change it.

Some people want constant change, looks their desktops, new themes
each week. Others want to keep the same year after year, but that way
the design staff of your credit company would need to find new a job
or do other things in the time between changes. ;]

IMHO we could keep the blue and white scheme, and maybe redo the
titles and navbar a bit, so people still see it as Gimp site, but
updated (content update IMHO is the important one, BTW).

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