Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero said...

|> They should also work if JavaScript is not available.  Links
|> should be links - not JS calls!
|JS should be avoided, some browsers do not support it, some people
|just turn it off to avoid the pain, links are links and opening
|windows as the html coders want is not what i would could say nice,
|mainly cos they can not cover all font types, screen layouts, etc
|etc. So please, can anybody show me a JS that is really useful (aka no
|other way to do it) and works always?

I don't mind JS as an add-on.  But it should be only that - an add-on.
And it needs to be clean, portable JS that won't crash old browsers.

|> |* The pages should be easy to bookmark and the URLs should not be too
|> |   long.  This means that frames are forbidden, and the systems that
|> |   generate dynamic contents using horribly long URLs should also be
|> |   avoided (see the bad examples from Corel below).

I should have interjected here that frames aren't necessarily forbidden,
but they do take extra effort to do right.  And you have to provide for
people who don't have them.

|Yes, cos if I post an URL to a friend and it says page.php?id=5 it
|says nothing, when anim_tut.php says a lot more. Yes, I know, I can
|describe the link to my friend, but I can also post the wrong one, or
|just send my friend to a garbage page (you know, some people are in
|joke mode always), so if the links says something, better.

Agreed.  Ideally, both should work.  Not familiar with PHP delivery,
tho, so I don't know if that works.

And frankly, I'm all for static pages as much as possible.  Use the
extras only when you *need* to.  Otherwise, again. extra design time
up front saves wear and tear.

I recently redid a bunch of scripts I have for a site to completely
separate the page definition from the generated content.  Even with
basic perl CGIs you can do this.

|> And while I know this is a mind-boggling concept, we should
|> make sure the pages work even if there is no image delivery.
|Guess how some people searching a given page browse: without images.
|Once you have found it, and if images are needed, you load them. And
|sometimes not at all, searching download places with wget and text
|browser when ssh to another machine is the last case I have meet (and
|yes, it was faster than local, go tell router configs).

Ayup.  And there are folks who use text browsers - even to read
about graphics programs!

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