> If you guys decide to program a Bucket Fill
> function that 
> always fills the whole selection, then the interface
> should mirror 
> this: once a user has made a selection and then
> doubleclicks on the 
> Bucket Fill icon to conjure up the Bucket Fill
> dialog, the threshold 
> should be put to maximum (255) and grayed out. 

Thats only accurate for the one image though :(
> I consider it to be a bug that there is a
> discrepancy between what 
> the program interface (in the shape of the Bucket
> Fill dialog) tells 
> me and what the program actually does.

In a case for more than one mode of image and only one
tool, this will unfortunately always be the case.

> Second, I feel that (in the light of User Interface
> rule #1 that says 

Rules were made to be broken.  Users often don't know
whats best - they just know if something is easy to
use.  It takes lots of thought and planning to make
that happen.  We shouldn't be afraid of offending
users by making changes - just be sure we're moving in
the right direction.


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