On 1 Jun 2001, at 13:51, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Lourens Veen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Hmm, I use the bucket fill all the time, both for patterns and
> > filling selections. If I want to fill a region with a similar 
> > colour with another one I usually select it with the magic 
> > wand and then bucket fill. It's easier to see how far you'll 
> > get that way. As far as I'm concerned the threshold 
> > can disappear, making it default to always fill the 
> > entire selection (or the entire image if there is no
> > selection). Magic wand can do the selecting.
> this sounds reasonable to me. On the other hand, this would 
> render the bucket fill tool almost useless since you can do 
> the color and pattern fill much easier using DND. The sole 
> advantage of the Bucket Fill tools is the threshold 
> functionality and the fact that the possibility to fill using 
> DND is not obvious. 
> Any other opinions on this subject?

I thought you'd never ask. ;-)

First, the Bucket Fill dialog only mentions Threshold as an option to 

decide how mich should be filled. This would suggest that a threshold 

is being used all the time. Filling a selection defies the interface 
here. If you guys decide to program a Bucket Fill function that 
always fills the whole selection, then the interface should mirror 
this: once a user has made a selection and then doubleclicks on the 
Bucket Fill icon to conjure up the Bucket Fill dialog, the threshold 
should be put to maximum (255) and grayed out. This should make it 
immediately clear to the user that (s)he is now working in a special 
mode. If they like, users can then decide to look up in the manual 
what that special mode means.

I consider it to be a bug that there is a discrepancy between what 
the program interface (in the shape of the Bucket Fill dialog) tells 
me and what the program actually does.

Second, I feel that (in the light of User Interface rule #1 that says 

never to break an existing user expectation or experience), unless 
more than 90 % of the current and new GIMP users have never used 
another raster graphics editor before, the GIMP should behave in this 

respect like most of the other 'competing' tools, UNLESS there is an 
extremely good reason to do otherwise. I personally cannot think of 
such a reason, but then again, I am not a graphics artist, so maybe 
someone else can name some such reasons.

branko collin
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