On  1 Jun, Raphael Quinet wrote:

> Now I see for the first time a comment saying that some old
> unstable release is more stable than 1.2.x, so I am a bit
> surprised...  I would like you to elaborate a bit on the
> stability problems of 1.2.x, and if possible to report this
> in bugzilla.
> If there are some problems that are so serious that you
> recommend to use an old version such as 1.1.4, then they
> should definitely be fixed in 1.2.2, otherwise it is
> ridiculous to call this a "stable release"...

 Actually we slapped quite a bunch of bugs since 1.2.0 so severe
 blockers should be out by now. bugzilla shows quite a few bugs
 in the new release however most of them are not reproducible,
 so if you know about one that IS for you please make an appropriate
 comment to the bug to give it a bit more weight or even better 
 attach stacktraces and better descriptions to it.



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