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> Hey, this looks like a serious problem!
> recommend to use an old version such as 1.1.4, then they
> should definitely be fixed in 1.2.2, otherwise it is
> ridiculous to call this a "stable release"...

It's simple: i had(!) a script which loaded and analyzed thousands of
(checked) jpegs and (unchecked) gifs. Broken gifs tend to hurt gimp badly,
with effects ranging from gimp filling all virtual memory to segfaulting
(and yes, sometimes cycling in the signal-catching code which, AFAIR, we
agreed to disable in 1.2).

Deciding that gifs simply are broken anyway and gimp is easily fooled into
coring when fed illegal images I limited the script to jpegs (which have
been checked for correctness by re-writing them using jpegtran, which
never ever wrote a corrupt jpeg for me), which resulted in gimp eating
all available memory or hogging the cpu after 1000 images or so. I had to
limit the number of images processed to max. 200 per gimp process to limit
the effects a bit.

I used the cvs snapshot from maybe three or four weeks ago (1.2 branch),
which was well after 1.2.1.

I think that earlier gimp versions 1.1.1x and 1.1.2x were more stable
because I didn't touch that script since a long time and I was able to run
it successfully through 10000-50000 various working and/or broken images
with no noticable memory leak.

In the meantime I have re-written that script using imagemagick, which can
be controlled more easily. It is slightly slower and requires a fork to
work around segfaults, so it is not that stable, either, at least when run
with the raw, possibly corrupted data).

Used interactively, I don't have any problems with gimp-1.2, most probably
because I rarely load more than 10 images ;) Only when I use ti as a
batch-processing tool, which is difficult anyway ;)

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