[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-06-03 at 1711.11 +0100):
> I've always planned to build a pair (at least) of file format specific
> GUI tools. The first target would be JPEG, and the second PNG.

I guess <choose script languaje> with <choose GUI lib> support would
make that fast and easy.

> The JPEG one would primarily be a GUI incarnation of the IJG's neat
> extras like "lossless" crop or rotate and other operations which

Here I seem to have rdjpgcom, wrjpgcom and jpegtran from IJG, but no
crop per se (jpegtrans trims to remove waste, if you want). Are there

> make no sense in a format agnostic tool like Gimp, I will add "change
> metadata without touching image" to my wish list -- not everyone wants
> to use the CLI in the middle of an image editing session.

The funny thing of all this is that once they have the GUI, they are
capable of using it 100 times to do the same in different images. And
they say computers make life easier... not until all GUI apps know
about batch processing (and users about it).

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