> not everyone wants to use the CLI in the middle of an image editing session.


> > make no sense in a format agnostic tool like Gimp, I will add "change
> > metadata without touching image" to my wish list -- not everyone wants
> > to use the CLI in the middle of an image editing session.
> The funny thing of all this is that once they have the GUI, they are
> capable of using it 100 times to do the same in different images. And
> they say computers make life easier... not until all GUI apps know
> about batch processing (and users about it).

I can understand making some changes in batch, like creating thumbnail
images and adding copyright information to comments but adding an alt=
description for blind viewers would have to be done an image at a time.
I presume that is how news pictures are annotated. I also teach people
to check compression image by image for important images. (If they are
on one of my web sites, they are important!)

> I would like to be able to change comments per image I save, no
> matter if I changed that image or not. I have my own web design
> comapny. Customers can opt to purchase the copyrights of the work I
> deliver to them. It would be a hassle to have to go through
> preferences every time I want to change the comment. So far, changing
> comments often has not been necessary to me, but I can imagine the
> need. Unfortunately, I cannot scratch this itch myself, because I
> could not program to save my life.

Right on. I used to program for a living but when people started
programming in C, I gave up. It is as if a simple dinner recipe started

"First make a fry pan.
The coal is in that mine.
The bauxite is in the other mine.
Go dig."
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