Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> Peter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Can GIMP be started with all the windows grouped the way I want?
> > [... lots of complains deleted]
> Your problem is basically that your window manager sucks. If working
> on Unix using a decent window manager, you can use a separate virtual
> desktop for Gimp, your taskbar is able to group gimp windows, gimp
> will remember the positions of the dialogs and reopens them where you
> left and so on ...
> I suggest someone sits down and writes a decent window manager for
> Win32 since we do not want to duplicate the WM functionality in the
> Gimp application.
> To make you happy a little, I want to let you know that the current
> CVS version of Gimp adds the possibility to keep most dialogs in a
> dock


> and it does this much better than that product from Adobe that
> we are often compared too.

I compare Gimp to PaintShopPro because I use PSP and I use PSP because
PSP has always let you produce accurate colours whereas Adobe did not
wake up to something as simple as colour accuracy until release 5.5.
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