Can GIMP be started with all the windows grouped the way I want?

All the talk about user interfaces made me think about what annoys me
most. using the desktop analogy, normal Windows applications look like
an organized desktop and Gimp/Apple style applications look like a messy
desktop. I do not like spending my time rearranging the desktop when a
computer can do that for me. I do not like clicking on the edge of a
window, to resize it, and end up clicking through to the application in
the window underneath.

I normally run with the tool bar down the side of the screen and it some
times runs in to two columns (that means more than 40 applications)
despite many of the applications, like Opera, running multiple windows
within the one NT window. If I replace one instance of PaintShopPro,
with perhaps eight images open, with Gimp, I end up with one tool bar
item expanding to 12.

I run every application full screen and most of the applications open
with the screen the way I left it last time. Some applications let me
save a layout and set that as the one I will get every time I open the
application, no matter how messy it was when I left it.

I would like a way to open Gimp so it is equivalent to a Windows full
screen application with each tool bar docked. That would mean having one
big window containing the image and the other windows as subsets of the
main window, placed down the left of a vertical image and across the
bottom of a horizontal image.

That way, when I am in GIMP, the whole screen is working the Gimp way,
and when I am in Word, the whole screen is working the Word way. Last
time I used Gimp and tried to resize a window, I ended up in the Word
document (which was underneath Gimp) and had to undo a text move, as the
mouse movement had translated to moving text.

If I could fill the screen with Gimp, I would not care if the
application had a slightly different approach to other applications, as
I would not be mixing the two on the same screen.
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