0-rro wrote:

> Hi,


> I tried to find it in manuals and tutorials but nobody writes what should I
> do if I have a source (in C(++)) of some plugin and I want to compile/
> install it. Even in the tutorial on plugins making.
> Could somebody explain me how to do it?


Was "the tutorial" other than Kevin Turner's "How To Write A Gimp Plugin"?


Kevin's presentation runs more to design and coding, and not much toward
build and installation, but did you follow his lead to Mitch Natterer's GIMP
PlugIn Template? Mitch gives you the shell of a Good Citizen plug-in, ready
to populate with your magic.

It's avaliable by anonymous CVS from the Gnome CVS servers.  See


After you log into the CVS anonymous server,  change directory
to where you want to have your working tree, and execute

% cvs -z3 checkout gimp-plugin-template

Then cd to gimp-plugin-template and start hacking.

Have fun


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