>> I want to make my plugin, but have one problem - don't know how to install
>> (/uninstall) plugin.
>If it is a single C file, gimptool is the tool of choice. Read the 
>gimptool's manpage to learn how to use it.

Actually I already tried to use gimptool and I did
not succeed, even though I think I do it the way 
it is explained in it's manpage.
I try to uninstall and then install back plugin "rotate".
(Just I think if I will be able to do it I will be able
to install other plugins as well). I do it like that:
As root:
# gimptool --uninstall-admin-bin blur
Well, then I look at the /usr/local/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins/ 
and I can see file "rotate" has disappeared. I start 
Gimp and I can see I can not rotate images any more. (It
has disappeared from the menu).
Then I enter the directory where I have Gimp's sources,
to the directory where I have "rotate" plugin and I do 
# gimptool --install-admin-bin blur
Everything seems to work fine (computer does not
report any error). I take a look at the
/usr/local/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins/ and I can see file 
"rotate" is back there. But then when I start GIMP 
I still can not rotate (it still is not in the menu).
 I also tried to do:
# gimptool --install-admin blur.c
but still no result.

So now I have a question: do I do something wrong?
Or lies the problem somewhere else?

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