Scavenging the mail folder uncovered Robert L Krawitz's letter:
> We really need to have a GUI expert go over the gimp-print UI.  I'm
> certainly not a GTK expert, and putting me in charge of a GUI is
> guaranteed to get a bad result.  In particular, it's now very big (too
> big to fit on many laptop screens, I'm told), messy, and a lot of
> elements have fixed dimensions.  We badly need a volunteer who knows
> GTK well and has good GUI sense to go over this.  Any takers?

i am doing a lot of gtk for work lately (mosly using glade, but i can
avoid it... :) if nobody else want i can give it a try. can yo just tell
me what to recompile (where in the tree are the sources) and if i need to
use latest cvs or anything else.


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