Michael Natterer wrote:
> after some hours of torturing it with perl and some manual hacking,
> i got gimp running on current CVS glib/gtk+.
> (applying it means that if you want to hack or simply use gimp 1.3,
> you will need glib, pango, atk and gtk+ HEAD from CVS too).

I few questions:

* What are pango and atk, and why do we suddenly require them (if
indeed we do)?

* Are there compelling advantages to using CVS-GTK which outweigh
the cons of forcing developers and users to upgrade?  Is GTK 1.3
not backwardly compatible with the GTK 1.2 API?  My concern is
that with such a casual-user oriented application as GIMP we
can easily lose users by the wayside with each additional

* For those of us with pieces of the tree's core which diverge
somewhat from the trunk, how much of a no-brainer is converting
our code to GTK 1.3-isms?

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