At 20:12 25.07.01 +0200, Michael Natterer wrote:
> [..., removed everything I totally agree with]
>And BTW, GIMP 1.4 will be released _after_ Gtk 2.0 is released in a
>stable version (which will be in not too distant future).
>IMHO the pro's outweigh the con's by far, as it's simply not
>possible without grand hacks to write an internal object model
>and a nice generic GUI with Gtk 1.2.
One great advantage will obviously be, that Gtk+2.0 will get some
serious testing with it's main application.

>Kelly Martin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> I would add:
>> * are there Windows versions of pango and atk?
Yepp. Two backends for Pango (FreeType2 and Native). The Native one
actively maintained, but somewhat slow. The other one I have never

>> * do we reasonably expect Windows ports of the HEAD versions of all of
>>   these libraries before 1.4 is released?
IMHO the state of the Gtk+2.0 is in a much more promising shape than the
probably dead branch 'gtk-1-3-win32-production'

>This is a misunderstanding: _only_ GLib/Gtk 2.0 exist for windows, the
>current hack to compile GIMP for windows with a Gtk 1.3 snapshot which
>is almost a year old is the reason for all those windows bugreports.
Without knowing 'all those windows bugreports' I seriously doubt that
all those bugreports are caused by the early Gtk-1.3 version used.

There are simply much less active developers working on the win32
version of Gimp(TK).

>Pango and ATK of course compile under windows and the folks porting GIMP
>to windows will love to use a sane version of Gtk.
How did you know this :-) ?

>After all, isn't is just natural for GIMP HEAD to use the GIMP Toolkit's
>bleeding edge version? This is unstable development.
If I would have anything to say I would say: Go for it!


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