Nick Lamb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> * Can you 100% guarantee that Gtk+ HEAD builds and runs?
> If not, every time it's red we stall work on Gimp. That's no good.

we are using it for production work every day. We are doing this for
more than half a year now and it has indeed been a problem with the
early versions of GLib-2.0 and GTK+-2.0.

> * Can you 100% guarantee that APIs are frozen? How about ABIs?
> If not we have to screen out errors caused by mis-matched versions on
> a daily basis just as some projects did during 1.1.x. It is painful.

The API has been frozen about 3 weeks ago.

The port turned out to be much easier than expected and I'm very happy
that we can finally start to implement new stuff that is only possible
with GTK+-2.0 and friends. I'm looking forward to start hacking a decent
Text Tool using Pango for example.

For those that questioned the availability of ports for GTK+-2.0, check
this screenshot of GIMP on DirectFB:


AFAIK the Win32 port is in an even better shape.

Salut, Sven
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