Christophe Merlet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This was a patch against the HEAD branch of gimp... then I've commited
> to the HEAD branch...

fine. I just want to take the opportunity to explain once again how we
treat translations at the moment and why we do it this way.

The CVS HEAD version of The GIMP is under heavy development, it changes
a lot and it is not intented to be used by anyone but developers working
on it. It will crash, bring down your computer, wipe your harddisk and 
don't tell us later, we didn't tell you.

For this reason it is a waste of time to keep translations uptodate. 
Instead translators should focus on updating and correcting the 
translations in the stable branch. The plan is to have a 1.2.3 release 
at some point with updated translations and help files plus probably a 
few bug-fixes. 

At some point (pretty soon now), I will merge the translations from the
stable branch to HEAD so your updates won't get lost. If you update HEAD, 
but fail to update the stable branch, chances are your work will be lost.

One more thing to consider: Localisation in GIMP HEAD is considerably 
broken since we have to switch all the po files to UTF-8. You can create
some nice crashes if you try to start GIMP from CVS HEAD with LC_ALL != C
since GTK+-2.0 doesn't like to be passed invalid UTF-8 strings. The 
number of warnings I see when trying to start unstable GIMP with
LC_ALL=fr_FR makes me one more time believe that translators don't even 
try their translations before committing them or asking people to commit.

It would be very nice if David could create a patch against the stable
version since his updates look very good and I wouldn't like to loose
this work.

Salut, Sven
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