Sven Neumann wrote:
> One more thing to consider: Localisation in GIMP HEAD is considerably
> broken since we have to switch all the po files to UTF-8. You can create
> some nice crashes if you try to start GIMP from CVS HEAD with LC_ALL != C
> since GTK+-2.0 doesn't like to be passed invalid UTF-8 strings.

Oups, I've forgotten to convert fr.po file to UTF-8. Sorry :-(
But I'm not the one...

> The
> number of warnings I see when trying to start unstable GIMP with
> LC_ALL=fr_FR makes me one more time believe that translators don't even
> try their translations before committing them or asking people to commit.

It's right, most of the time, I translate application without even
trying to start the binary...
I just check the validity of the file with : $ msgfmt -c --stat fr.po
But this command doesn't detect bad charset encoding...


Christophe Merlet (RedFox)
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