Now that the capture plugin works, people would like to be able to
download pictures from their cameras directly from within gimp. However,
that is not that easy.

Can it be that there is no possibility to register something like
"camera:/folder/my_file.jpg" (like "http://...";)?

Even if above were possible, it seems that it would not result in
thumbnails, folder and file listings (gtk-file-selection is too limited
for that - no hooks for file/folder listings), another possibility would
be to write a file opening dialog for files on digital camera. But where
do I hook that up? There is no "/File/Open" submenu where I could put
the menuitem in. That functionality doesn't fit into "/File/Acquire".

I suppose there are no plans to make gimp use gnome-vfs (a gphoto2
plugin for gnome-vfs already exists). Have you thought about writing
something like gimp-vfs where I could write a gphoto2 plugin for?


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