Lutz Müller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Now that the capture plugin works, people would like to be able to
> download pictures from their cameras directly from within gimp. However,
> that is not that easy.
> Can it be that there is no possibility to register something like
> "camera:/folder/my_file.jpg" (like "http://...";)?

it should work using the gimp_register_magic_load_handler() call.
You can specify prefixes there that will be matched against the filename.

> Even if above were possible, it seems that it would not result in
> thumbnails, folder and file listings (gtk-file-selection is too limited
> for that - no hooks for file/folder listings), another possibility would
> be to write a file opening dialog for files on digital camera. But where
> do I hook that up? There is no "/File/Open" submenu where I could put
> the menuitem in. That functionality doesn't fit into "/File/Acquire".

I'd suggest to install a plug-in that opens a file/folder view of the
camera in /File/Acquire.

> I suppose there are no plans to make gimp use gnome-vfs (a gphoto2
> plugin for gnome-vfs already exists). Have you thought about writing
> something like gimp-vfs where I could write a gphoto2 plugin for?

we'd really like to (optionally) support gnome-vfs for gimp-1.4.

Salut, Sven
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