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[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-10-07 at 1656.37 +0200):
> hmm, wouldn't it be nicer to use the following instead ?
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
>   <gimp-tips>
>     <tip number="0">
>       This is the first trip.
>     </tip>
>     <tip number="1">
>       This is the second trip and it has <b>bold</b> text.
>     </tip>
>     <tip number="2">
>       This is the last trip. Now, you are on your own.
>     </tip>
>   </gimp-tips>  
> I'm not sure however why you want the tips to be numbered since it will 
> only make it more difficult to a new insert tip. If your goal is to be
> able to refer to a certain tip, I'd suggest using unique names or ids 
> instead. The order of tips is already well-defined by the order they 
> appear in the file.
Looks much better than mine.

Maybe I lack the imagination to remember today the tip that was
presented yesterday without the number. I trust your judgment that it
can be done, however. 

I am trying to follow the developer mail these last few days.  Has a
decision been made?

thanks for your help,

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