Am Sam, 2001-10-06 um 17.23 schrieb 1002381819:

> Whatever the solution regarding GIMP tips turns out to be, translators
> want to be able to translate them from within po files. I hope everyone
> has agreed on that :)

not really.

> If you go for XML, I'd recommend using intltool. It's a set of tools
> designed exactly for this purpose. Since gettext itself doesn't have a
> clue about XML, intltool works as a middle layer that extracts strings
> marked for translation in the XML and adds them to header files, so that
> xgettext can extract them and put them in a pot. The reverse process is
> usually done at build time, and all the translations merged back into
> the original XML file.
> You can find intltool in the xml-i18n-tools module in CVS.

Okay, so why would one want this heavy conversion action? If the only
purpose is to have only one editable catalog instead of several files
and people really need that then okay...
> I as a translator also prefer po format... I doubt there is any
> translator that wouldn't.

I don't. I don't care which format the translations have to be in.
XML is about as easy as .po...


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