Branko Collin wrote:
> > > The file will get large and akward to edit.
> >
> > In the mentioned case this is not an issue. The tips are pretty small
> > anyways (just compare it to a uncompiled catalogfile) and for plugins
> > this isn't an issue at all.
> Someone mentioned how well Dia seemed to be doing in that respect.
> Well, Dia puts the text strings for a sheet in a different file per
> sheet. Even with only 8 supported languages, this already looks
> totally cluttered to me.
> The tips file is 9 kB now. With 15 supported languages (how many on
> the way?), that would become 135 kB.
> We'd need a tool to merge changes, or would CVS be enough? You cannot
> expect translators to wade through 30 lines of other languages to be
> able to add his/her own translation (30 lines per string to be
> translated, that is), so that translators do need to work on separate
> files.

I agree about that, however I'm not sure if this isn't what's already
been discussed. 

Whatever the solution regarding GIMP tips turns out to be, translators
want to be able to translate them from within po files. I hope everyone
has agreed on that :)

This can be done several ways, either by adding the tips as C headers
and mark them for translation, or using a XML file format and intltool
(formerly known as xml-i18n-tools), or some other solution.
If you go for XML, I'd recommend using intltool. It's a set of tools
designed exactly for this purpose. Since gettext itself doesn't have a
clue about XML, intltool works as a middle layer that extracts strings
marked for translation in the XML and adds them to header files, so that
xgettext can extract them and put them in a pot. The reverse process is
usually done at build time, and all the translations merged back into
the original XML file.

You can find intltool in the xml-i18n-tools module in CVS.

> > Yes, it's only a markup language but the big advantage is that it's a
> > standard and well developped and we should make use of that.
> gettext is also a standard. XML was developed to give marketdroids a
> new fad to woo, whereas gettext was developed to let translators do
> their thing. I know which I as a translator prefer.
> This is not to say that if you come up with a good XML solution I
> won't look at it, but I just do not see the merits right now.
> If we tarred the tips directory, would that solve your 'many files'
> problem? ;-)

I as a translator also prefer po format... I doubt there is any
translator that wouldn't.
However, if you use something like intltool, there's no reason you can't
have both.

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